Buying the Perfect BMX Bike For Flexible Riding Fun

Remember those good old days of riding your bike all over the neighborhood? Every child can appreciate this as they grow up. The sport of BMX has really taken off in the past decade. It has become a sport that one can start at a young age and it seems to intensify in the teen years. Kids and adults can both enjoy a vigorous bike race in the dirt and run over jumps and ramps to catch some air.

What differentiates a BMX bike from other bicycles, such as mountain bikes? Bikes built for BMX generally feature stronger, more rigid frames designed to withstand the tough courses and jumps associated with BMX. They’re also usually built with no suspension system, giving you ultimate power and thrust as you maneuver over obstacles and through rough terrain.

Now, you can choose your pick from the best cheap BMX bikes available in 2016.

2016 Best BMX Bikes Comparison Chart

ImageProduct NameTypeMaterialWeightPriceRating
Framed Attack LTD BMX Bike 20in 2016Framed Attack LTD BMX Bike 20in 201620in, FreestyleChromoly 25 lbs 11 oz $209.954.1
Framed Team BMX Bike 20in 2016Framed Team BMX Bike 201620in, Freestyle HiTen25.10 lbs $179.954.5
Framed Impact 20Framed Impact 20 BMX Bike 201620in, Freestyle HiTen25lbs 2oz $109.955.0
Framed Twenty9er Bike 29in 2016Framed Twenty9er Bike 29in 201629in, RacingAluminum 25 lbs $299.954.3
Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike 2016Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike 201626inHybrid, Alloy NA$299.954.0
2016 GT Performer BMX BikeGT Performer 20 BMX Bike 201620in, Freestyle HiTen under 26lbs$299.995.0
SE Ripper BMX Bike 2016SE Ripper BMX Bike 2016Racing, Cruiser, Freestyle Hybrid, Alloy21.90lbs$319.004.0

1.Framed Attack LTD BMX Bike-A lightweight beginner’s bike for skate parks

Framed Attack LTD BMX Bike 20in 2016

The Framed Attack 20 inch BMX Bike is the entry level focused bike designed to develop some skills with, allowing you to attack both the streets and off-roading.

It features lightweight chromoly frame that makes this ride easy to transport, while a comfortably padded saddle and Velo Mushroom handle grips help you ride longer.

This is an outstanding and versatile trick bicycle, ideal for any enthusiast. A comfortable seat let you spend hours out having fun riding the streets conquering any challenge.

Customer Reviews:

i think this is a really good bike for people who want to go to skate parks and not do crazy tricks but still wanna have fun and learn new tricks,would buy again

2. Framed Team BMX Bike-Great on the streets and cruising around

Framed Team BMX Bike 20in 2016

Nowadays, people tend to nerd out on techy specs and ride less. The Framed Team was built under the concept that a BMX bike can be solid, uncomplicated, and fun to ride. This Team bike is a good beginner ride and lightweight for cruising or some street freestyle.

The bike is easy to assemble with provided tools, and you just need to assemble the pedals, the front tire, the seat and the handlebars. With basic components and Hi-Ten frame it will not be ideal for aggressive park riding. So if you prefer more park focused riding, look at Framed Attack with a Chromoly frame.

Customer Reviews:

I enjoy this bike and don’t regret getting it. The only thing I’m not a fan of is wheel nuts are different sizes. It would be nice if the kept it the same as the rear 3/4 but it’s just a beginner bike. It is nice and light, took it to the park on a nice day 45 degrees and there was a lot of grip and easy to maneuver. At $180 you get what you paid for.

3.Framed Impact BMX Bike-Fairly simple and more entry level for fun

Framed Impact 20

The Framed Impact is a wild ride meant to open the world of BMX to nearly anyone who wants to give it a try. Framed went all in with this one, pushing the edge of what can be placed into an entry level ride.

The Impact would do better on street pavement, its made or jumping but moves well on any terrain. You will be flying high and pushing your limits in no time! The Impact HiTen Forks and HiTen 8″ Rise Bars are made from some of the best composites around, so you will be certain to be supported in times of need.

The only issue is the seat is angled up in the front which makes it impossible to use so plan to ride standing or replace the seat as it has no tilt adjustment.

Customer Reviews:

The bike is everything I expected. It was worth buying. It is very cheap. The bike is very light. When it comes, it is half assembled. However, it us very easy to put it together. It does come with the right allen wrenches you need to assemble it. However, you will need your own screwdriver. The bike doesn’t feel cheap at all. I have been riding it for a week now and I’m pretty sure it will last.

4.Framed Twenty9er BMX Bike-Solid bike for the big or tall

Framed Twenty9er Bike 29in 2016

When you find that your 20-inch BMX bike is just too small, you’ll be glad to know that Framed Twenty9er BMX bike for men has come answer your calls. Framed Twenty9er bike is great for the larger person or taller person.

This bike is super fun to ride and handles well. It weights 25 lbs and has a max capacity around 300 lb. With a 24.5-inch top tube and alloy 29-inch double-walled alloy wheels, you’ll be cruising in comfort instead of hunched over like a giant.

With features like Chromoly 3-piece cranks, a sealed wheel set and a rear disc brake, this bike is ready to rip!

Customer Reviews:

The bike is everything I expected. It was worth buying. It is very cheap. The bike is very light. When it comes, it is half assembled. However, it us very easy to put it together. It does come with the right allen wrenches you need to assemble it. However, you will need your own screwdriver. The bike doesnt feel cheap at all. I have been riding it for a week now and I’m pretty sure it will last.

5.Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike-Big bike to deliver a smoother ride

Framed Twenty6er BMX Bike 2016

The all new Framed Trenty6er BMX bike delivers all the same features of the Twenty9er but with a scaled down 26″x 1.75″ Wheel size.

Hi quality Cromo Fork combined with lightweight rugged alloy frame deliver a smoother ride while also tough remaining as nails. The rear disc brake works flawlessly and the seat is firm but comfortable.

The Twenty6er is plenty big yet light enough to do the jumps and casual riding your wanting to do comfortably. For an entry level bike it delivers very decent quality.

Customer Reviews:

I bought this bike for riding around the neighborhood with the kids and to relive my BMX days. I’m 6’5 and 280 lbs. I’m glad I stumbled across this bike while looking for a good deal on a Big Ripper. I spent a few days contemplating whether to go with the Twenty6er or the Twenty9er. I went with the 26er because I wanted a bike that would be easier to manual and bunny hop. I am very happy with my decision. out of the box the brake just plain didn’t work. I ended up roughing up the disk and pads with emery cloth and adjusting the caliper. The brake will now hold me on a hill and I have been doing brake slides all weekend. I’m now thinking of picking up another of these as a project bike.

6. GT Performer BMX Bike-A beginner bike to learn new tricks

2016 GT Performer BMX Bike

The GT Performer 20 BMX Bike is the ultimate beginner bike for street, skateparks, trails and shredding whatever curbs lie in between.

It is set up perfect so you can jump on and start learning new tricks right away. The Hi-ten steel frame is rugged and designed with modern geometry that will help you hop higher and spin faster 3’s.

It weights under 26lbs. The Tubular Cr-Mo 3-piece cranks are super tough and have a sealed mid bottom bracket for extra smoothness. It will help keep you on or bike as you learn new tricks each day.

The compact 25/9 gear ratio gives you that smaller gear up front so it’s less likely to get damaged while grinding and as an added bonus, it’s more difficult to get your pant leg caught in compared to the larger sprockets.

Customer Reviews:

Gt performer bike is a great ride quality parts awesome price and the GT name which is known for it’s history of some of the best built bikes ever….

7.SE Ripper BMX Bike-A lightweight racing bike

SE Ripper BMX Bike 2016

Built with a lightweight 6061 alloy frame and race-ready graphics package, the 2016 SE Ripper BMX Bike is the bike of choice for anyone feeling the need for speed.

SE Racing alloy rims with a 14-tooth freewheel and Kenda K-Rad tires make quick work of terrain transitions and the 3-piece alloy crank keeps the revolutions coming.

The Ripper includes a stylish race plate, a padset, and a stem with weight-saving cutouts. Whether racing at the BMX track or flying around the neighborhood, the Ripper performs at a high level.

Customer Reviews(from amazon):

A great bike, albeit a bit heavy. I’ve been reacing components to lighten mine up for some time at great expense. Carbon forks, lighter wheels, tires, seat and post and it’s still 20lbs. Heads turn at the track, though and it is rock solid. A very cool SE bike.